Pita gyros


A beloved street food and by many considered the best fast food in the world, the pita gyros is for many synonymous with Greece.


The way pita gyros are served can vary in different parts of the country. The most common one is by far the "plain" - the classic bread filled with tzatziki, salad and french frites. And you can often chose between pork and chicken.


Pita refers to the wrapping bread itself and gyros (γύρος) literally means "turn". Hence from the way you cook the meat, on a vertical skew that is stacked with meat and slowly grilled while turning in a "cage". While the skew turns and grills the meat, the cook cuts off thin slices of the meat and serves.


The most common pita gyro is served with tzatziki, onion and fried potatoes. If you choose to have chicken instead of pork normally another sauce than tzatziki will be added, which varies from place to place.


If you do not feel like eating the somewhat messy wrapper you also have the option to order your gyros "merída" - portion. It's like have your pita gyro deconstructed on a plate.


As always it is a good thing to avoid the most touristic places that offer pita gyros. Preferably go where the locals go to get your pita gyros.