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The coffee culture in Greece is very important and it is an essential part of the social life. And since the social part of life is fundamental in Greece you can understand why coffee is such a praised beverage.


So coffee is so much more than just a beverage to the greeks. It is part of the social glue and could to an outsider been observed as a highly developed artform if compared to how coffee is consumed in other places around the world. To find out more click here

Pita gyros


A beloved street food and by many considered the best fast food in the world. The pita gyros is for many synonymous with Greece.


The way pita gyros are served can vary in different parts of the country. The most common one is by far the "plain" - the classic bread-roll filled one with tzatziki, salad and french frites. And you can often chose between pork and chicken. To find out more click here