According to mythology, it is on Evia and more specifically at the thermal baths of Edipsos where Hercules restored his strength after each great deed by bathing in one of the caves where the hot waters flow.


The hot springs of Edipsos was also highly appriciated in Roman times with prominent characters enjoying the renowned healing waters. Even to this day the hot springs are belived to have a benficial effect on various illnesses.


From a historical perspective, Evia has an important activity to demonstrate already since Antiquity.

Several greek colonies in Italy and Sicily where founded by Chalkida and Eretria, towns in Evia that exist even today. Also not many know that eight letters of the latin alphabet, CDFLPRSX, originate from the alphabet of ancient Chalkida.


A very challenging archaeological wonder lies in the area of Southern Evia: the 25 famous huge constructions called Drakóspita (=Dragonhouses).

There are several theories about the time, the way and the purpose the dragonhouses were built for. Whether religious sanctuaries or defensive structrures, dragonhouses are bound to impress even the most demanding visitor with their imposing size and construction technique.