The first name of the city of Athens was Akti (meaning coast) after its first king, Akteo.


Later when Cecrops, son of mother Earth and Uranus, a man with dragon body, married Akteo’s daughter, he named the town Cecropia. King Cecrops decided to ask for a patron god for his city and as both the Goddess of Wisdom Athena and Poseidon the God of the Sea showed interest, it was decided to have a competition. The winner would be the god who would offer the city the most precious gift.


First Poseidon struck the ground at the hill of Acropolis with his trident, and immediately appeared a stream of seawater, promising to make Athens dominant of the seas. Then Athena struck the ground with a spear and grew at once an olive tree, promising to the city prosperity. Athena’s gift was preferred and she therefore became protector of the city, which was ever after called Athens in her honor.